Monday, April 27, 2009

VA Tech/ QUADFEST......

On Friday night Elyssa Albert and I went to Virginia Tech to visit a good friend of ours for her birthday. While up there we went to el rodeo this mexican restaurant(I recommend the jumbo Texas margarita) and then a couple of other bars.. Then came saturday quadfest at Radford which was amazing i've been to many events where drinking all is a must. I wouldn't compare it to a William and Mary blowout but, when you have friends like Chase and Hunter that equals Blackout..  It was a huge block party where you could see almost anything... While hanging out with Daniel(Elyssa's brother) his fraternity did their annual wet t-shirt contest. Me and one of Daniel's girlfriends roommate thought it would be a great idea to go get beer from the keg and not have to wait in line so I missed it from, what I hear the cops bum rush the girls and had arrested them.. The party didn't stop there from me getting lost and then going to a random house with people i barely knew I had an amazing time.. 

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